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Elvira Björkman


Elvira dreamed about becoming a game composer already in early childhood and couldn’t wait to make her dream come true. Instead she made her own games in Klik n’ Play engine, maps in Warcraft 2 or paper-adventures just so she could score them and become a “composer” right away.

Since then she’s become the main composer for Angry Birds 2, other Rovio projects, Toca Boca titles, the successful indie-game Aragami, Hammerwatch and future un-announced projects. She has also worked with sound design and audio programming in parallel with composing on the projects she’s been on.

When not working, she’s a keen gamer. The latest games she cleared was Resident Evil 7, Titanfall 2 and Final Fantasy 15. When not playing games, she loves to draw, play Magic, read manga, watch shows or movies and ponder about her own game ideas. Currently her evenings and weekends are mostly spent creating a new metal-EP album together with her partner in crime at Two Feathers, while maintaining a steady habit of lurking on Reddit.