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Pernilla Sparrhult

Pernilla Sparrhult’s day job places her square at her desk in the Paradox Interactive Stockholm office, where she’s been working for the past three and a half years – first as QA, then as manager and coordinator, and most recently as producer on a small team that handles all of the outsourcing for the development studio. Before Paradox she attended a three year education at Uppsala University Campus Gotland where she studied Game Design and Graphics.

Pernilla’s main forte is without a doubt table top RPGs. Everything from classic fantasy dungeon crawling to abstract free form psychological horror. She wrote her first RPG rule system at the age of 10 together with a friend, as both of them were apparently “too childish” to get to play with their older siblings. She currently runs two campaigns, one in Coriolis and one in Drakar & Demoner: Trudvang, in addition to being part time thief, part time geeky college kid, part time fearless mercenary and part time 80’s youngster in four other RP groups.