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Faviana von Heijne

Faviana grew up playing video games with her four brothers. That in itself explains how she found gaming, and from there her interest in tech grew. After having spent a few years traveling and working overseas, Faviana moved back from Australia to Sweden to study psychology and computer science at university. In Stockholm, she found herself in the middle of a booming startup scene. She realized she had a talent for entrepreneurship and started three different businesses in less than two years, before finding a way to combine her passion in tech entrepreneurship with her love for gaming.

During her first visit to the Burning Man festival, she realized the potential of VR and how immersive gaming was bound to change the entire industry. In May 2016 she co-founded the immersive games studio SVRVIVE Studios. Since then, Faviana is creating immersive games intended to evoke emotions and have a positive impact on players, while she is also traveling the world as one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic of immersive gaming.