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Anna Jenelius

Anna did her first jobs for the games industry in 2011, when she freelanced as a 3D modeller and animator while getting her bachelor’s degree in Game Design. The year after, she got a job as QA tester at Paradox Interactive – and a couple of years later she had advanced to the role as Senior QA Manager at Paradox Development Studio. Eventually, however, the creative life of an indie developer became too alluring, and she started her story-focused company Talecore Studios in 2015. Since then, she has also freelanced as a Narrative Designer and taught Game Design at Futuregames, and she co-hosts gamedev meetups Link In Park/Bar as well as runs this calendar. Right now, she is just about to start her second game company.

When she isn’t making games, Anna likes to make other games (it never ends), play pen-and-paper roleplaying games, and write. She also enjoys history, including making and wearing armor as well as other outfits.