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Louise Meijer

Louise started off as a traditional artist looking for a way to make a living off her passion, and by chance found that the games industry was an actual thing to pursue. Acquiring her first tablet and stepping into digital art opened up the floodgates, mixing client work and shorter part time employments for smaller studios, digital art magazines as well as digital drawing software developer Corel Painter, while getting her bachelor’s degree of Arts at Skövde University, majoring in concept art. Louise finished her education with an internship at Paradox South, while simultaneously starting up the indie studio Guru Games, where she found her personal interest in history and human psychology blend into a vision of creating darkly themed mythology game experiences. While working on their own games as well as outsourcing for partners like Resolution, Louise held workshops with students of Skövde University, worked part time as concept artist with Corncrow/Konunger games, exhibited digital art at the Nordsken festival, and much much more.

When she isn’t slumped over her tablet at Guru Games working on the studio’s next project set in ancient Greece, currently under project name M2, she is most likely slumped over her tablet at home, always drawing and always looking to improve doing what she loves (that is until her favorite “horse game” Red Dead Redemption release their sequel).

Other hobbies include coffee drinking in front of never ending nature and history documentaries, role-playing, wall climbing (a recommendation to all game developers with shoulder/neck pains!), and looking at pretty horses for sale she’d never have enough spare time for.