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Fia Tjernberg
If you love BOTH art AND technology – you and Fia may just become great friends!
Fia moved to Stockholm from the outskirts of Sundsvall, Sweden, to pursue a degree in computer science. She could hardly ever be seen without carrying a book around, and she spent her spare time painting or writing stories. Now, over ten years later, she’s worked in multiple roles spanning from writer to scripter to creative director in multiple countries and on multiple games such as the popular EA/Dice’s Battlefield series and Funcom’s pioneering MMO: Anarchy Online. With one steady foot in the creative field and one in the technical field Fia offers a bridge over that gap between engineers and creatives. When she’s not working she acts as juror for local student projects or the renowned IGF awards, learns new random skills or simply relaxes in a comfortable arm chair with a big, heavy book.